We are looking for people who are passionate about helping children to advance, and have a love of sport and the outdoors. This is a life changing step our current licensees have taken as you will see in the following video.

What you get with a Kidz' n Sport Licence


Multiple revenue streams and ability to grow your business with unlimited upside. 


Be part of our team of highly motivated Kidz 'n Sport owners where we share best practises.


The lowest set up cost in the Australian sports coaching market! Your success is our success. Our low set up cost allows you to hit the ground running and grow your business from day one.


Detailed manuals that include a daily lesson plan and diagram for every class you run, removing the stress involved in running your own business. 


Flexible working hours resulting in an incredible work-life balance.


A full equipment package extensively designed specifically to assist in teaching each age group in a tactile and engaging way. This is all included in the set up cost.

Why chose a License over a franchise

Two years ago we migrated from the franchise model to a more modern and exciting Licence model. This has created greater opportunities for our current and future Licensees, such as:

- Huge Reduction in set up cost.

- Greater Autonomy and input into how you will run a Kidz ‘n sport Licence. Under a Franchise agreement the franchisee has to adhere to strict operating procedures as determined by the Franchisor.

- Freedom to introduce your own skills and experience into your classes and business processes.

We believe that we have, by far, the best value business offer in our industry.

Your Kidz ‘n sport Licence requires an investment of $20 000 plus GST which includes your equipment package. This is far less than any competitor in our industry

In addition to the above,  we provide you with free social media marketing for the first two months.  Our social media team will set up engaging and targeted adverts to prospective customers in your territory, driving them to your business. 

To find out more about this opportunity 

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