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Hamish has just completed his first week with Kidz 'n sport at Kindy Level. I wanted to pass on my absolute delight at the week he has had. We were so thrilled with this week that we have just enrolled him for Term 1.

Aileen Meston

Please pass on my big thanks and praise to Mike and Matt – party was fantastic – lots of happy kids and lots of happy parents.

Lisa Darbyshire - Roberts

I am writing on behalf of the Claremont  Town Council . It was greatly appreciated that Kidz ‘n sport was involved in the Claremont Christmas Carnival. Your set up was  a fantastic addition to the annual event and was very well received.

We hope that you will consider repeating this at next year’s carnival

Laura Hurst

Hugo and Allegra have had a wonderful time at the Holiday programme.

Hugo in particular has learnt a lot about football in a friendly , supportive environment.

Kate Concanen

Just a small note to thank you for the lovely time you and your staff provided for Anish during the school holiday programme. Anish enjoyed it so much I thought I should kindly ask you to keep us in your mailing list for the next school holiday programme. We would love to enrol for the Kindy five day programme. 

Michelle Weerasooriya

Thank you for the fantastic programme and consequently significant increase in Claire’s sporting ability over the past six months. Your amazing staff are certainly also a credit to the program. 

Hidi Hill - Exercise Physiologist

My son Blake and I attended your 9.10 session at College Park this morning. May I commend you and all of your staff on a positive experience for all. As a school teacher, I am always very aware of the value of fun educational experiences for kids – and your program seemed to be tops in both areas.

Christy Dangerfield – school teacher

Luc  had his 1st session with Matt from Kidz ‘n sport today at Perry Lakes and we just wanted to say it was fantastic. Matt is awesome and terrific with Kids. He makes it so much fun. Although Luc was a little shy at first he told me he loved it. Thanks again

Libby Parker

Niamh has really enjoyed Kidz ‘n sport this term and I have been very impressed by the programme and the environment that Matt, Caitlyn and Jess provide.

Niamh feels very secure and willing to take chances in her learning due to the care that they show her. She has transferred learning to other environments and makes progress every week. She looks forward to attending and talks about her experiences at home.I have no doubt that Matt , Caitlin and Jesse are a key factor in her enjoyment of the Kidz ‘n sport sessions. They take a personal interest in all their students , call them by name ( which is rare in programmes run for this age group) and demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm and delight in their achievements. In addition to providing them with a rich, well structured and challenging learning programme.

I would recommend your programme and staff most highly ( and I have )

Victoria Bingham.

Thank you so much for all your efforts last week with Josh and  and David’s 5th Birthday Party. They absolutely loved  their Kidz ‘n sport celebration, as did all their Kindy friends ( and we loved it too !). We really appreciate your enthusiasm , encouragement and terrific humour with all the children! 

Thanks again with best wishes 

Megan and Sue

Kidz ‘n sport has been conducting physical education lessons in our school for 10 years. In this time, school data indicates a significant improvement in the coordination skills of the students. Mike has a huge range of exciting equipment to ensure maximum student participation and enjoyment. The ratio of students to teachers is low as Mike employs assistants to coach the correct sporting techniques. The community and students are all impressed with the programe and we aim to continue having Kidz 'n sport as an integral part of the programme offered to Dalkeith students. 

Dalkeith Primary School Principal - Julie Bettanay

The Kidz 'n sport program has been conducted at East Claremont Primary School over a number of years. The program continues to receive high acclaim from the teaching staff and parents.
The Kidz 'n sport program provides a wide range of physical education activities that compliments and supplements the school's health and physical education teaching and learning program. The coaching activities include , class based ( Pre Primary to year 7) hand - eye co - ordination , team sports skills and individual skill activities. These skills are introduced and taught with and extensive range of appropriate sporting equipment. Students at the end of each teaching term of activities receive a report of coaching activities covered. 

Mike and his team also provide special day events such as tabloid sports on request. 

As school principal , I commend Mike and his staff on their professionalism in providing a comprehensive physical education program by way of  Kidz 'n Sport Program. A program that has demonstrated an improved level of fitness and skill development in children at east Claremont Primary School. 

East Claremont Primary School Principal - Greg Teede

On behalf of our school community I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the wonderful service you and your colleagues have provided this year.The program that you have implemented for our students has been first class and has provided all of them with an opportunity to develop a range of skills in this learning area. I have no doubt that the Kidz 'n sport programme has contributed to the development of skill and participation level in all sport results this year. 

Mike , your programme has been outstanding and I would like to thank you for your professionalism and commitment to our school community.

Boyare Primary School Principal - Craig Ashby

It is a great pleasure to recommend Mike Mellor and his company Kidz 'n sport. The encouragement and support that the children receive as they enjoy challenging , interesting activities, is of great benefit to their development. Anyone who is looking for a programme for Kindergarten children that focuses on increasing and improving listening skills, gross motor skills, and following instructions will be rewarded by using Kidz 'n sport. The girls and boys from our centre have really enjoyed participating whilst learning very important physical skills . ( They think that they are playing games with Mr.Mellor , not improving their gross motor skills ! ). Mike's approach is positive and enthusiastic, and he makes sure that he sees every child and caters for individual needs. His valuable comments have assisted in formulating appropriate programmes for the children.

St.Mary's Kindy Teachers -Jill Durack and Toni Mawer

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great sports program you provided this year.
The teachers, kids and the parents loved the program. The Sports Day on Wednesday for the Years 1-2 and the Pre-Primary tabloids on Thursday were an outstanding success. There were accolades given to the carnival tabloid events at both P&C and School Council meetings.
On behalf of Cottesloe PS I would like to say what a delight Matt is to have teaching the children. Parents, teachers and students just rave about how good Matt is. On a personal note, he is always friendly and such a pleasant person to deal with. Please pass on our thanks.

Cottesloe Primary School Deputy – Ian Bersan

Dear Mike


Just wanted to let you know how much my 4 year old Jake loves coming to Kidz ‘n Sport. We have enjoyed the program for the best part of this year, both every weekend and also during the school holiday programs. As a former elite sportsperson and qualified junior coach myself, I commend you and your staff on providing a much needed outlet for our kids to get out and get active in a fun atmosphere, whilst developing their sporting skills and a love of sport that shall continue through their childhood. The best introduction ever!

Kind regards

Julie Harburn

Julie Harbum

I marvelled at you and your colleagues last saturday working with very young children at Mt.Pleasant Primary School.
You made it look easy but your clear instructions, management strategies and commitment to modelling the skills you were teaching was not lost on me.
All I could hear was my son laughing for the first 10 minutes and that was because of the rapport you quickly developed.
All the best

Dr.Lorraine Hammond
Senior Lecturer / Special Education Co ordinator 
Graduate Diploma of Education
Edith Cowan University

Dr.Lorraine Hammond

Hi Matt

I would like to thank you for the excellent program that you have just completed with my Year 1 class at  Freshwater Bay Primary School.

The activities that you do with the children are fun, purposeful and well planned for skills development appropriate for their age.

Your manner with the children is outstanding.

They love doing sport with you because you keep them busy with a wide variety of challenges and you joke with them while still  expecting  and getting a high level of focus and concentration from them at all times.

I can't praise you highly enough and I will recommend your work to other schools and colleagues interested in this kind of program for their students.

 Yours sincerely

Beth Chesny

Beth Chesney Teacher Freshwater Bay Primary

"Best Party Ever!"

That was Tom's quote on the way home in the car on Sunday after his party.  Considering it was his first (and maybe last for a while) I'm glad he enjoyed it!
Thanks so much for being our hero of the day.  There were lots of positive comments made by other parents so hopefully has drummed up some future business for you.  You certainly made our lives very easy.
Will catch you down the track.
Donna & Dave Sadgrove

Donna and dave Sadgrove

Hi Mike,
First of all, I have to tell you that Matthew and Jonathan had a fantastic time at their first session today. All of your staff seem to be light-hearted, have a good sense of humour and a patient nature plus the activities are really varied and interesting for the kids.  This meant my boys were very happy and thoroughly enjoying themselves through the whole session and picked up the skills very quickly. You’ve made me a very happy parent and my boys are excited about going back next week!
Feel free to use the above as a testimonial if you want.
Best regards,
Nathan Cope

Nathan Cope

Hi Matt

Thanks so much for joining us in celebrating Chloe's 6th birthday last Saturday, and helping to make her party so much fun.  

In fact, you didn't help … you MADE the party!   It was fantastic.  Your dedication and professionalism is incredible, we can't thank you enough.

The feedback from everyone, both children and parents alike, was extremely positive and I imagine we'll be seeing you again at more parties throughout the year!  

I've already passed on your email address to one of the mums whose daughter wants to do it all again for her upcoming birthday  … high praise indeed!

Thanks again for everything, you made a heap of kids very happy.  

See you in the holidays.

Until then, take care

Jane, Mick and Chloe 

Chloe McDermott

Hi Mike,


I have been meaning to email you for ages now to say how much we love your program! My son Jacob comes down on a Thursday morning at Marmion Reserve & absolutely loves each session. I think the majority of that comes down to your personality & enthusiasm - all the kids think you're brilliant!


I regularly recommend you & your franchise to friends - you do an amazing job with the kids! 


Thank you so much,


Rebecca Rowland. 

Rebecca Rowland

Your e-mail is a great reminder for me to say a huge THANKYOU for the programme running at Marmion Reserve on Fridays from 10.45am. My son (and the 3 friends he knows in the group) are all having a great time. Jonno has this bunch of 3 year olds eating out of his hand and they are all excited to return each week. I am really impressed with the range of sports and skills the sessions are covering and look forward to signing up for further terms to come.


Thanks again,


Jane Harwood


Jane Harwood

Hi Matt

Thanks so much for joining us in celebrating Chloe's 6th birthday last Saturday, and helping to make her party so much fun.  

In fact, you didn't help … you MADE the party!   It was fantastic.  Your dedication and professionalism is incredible, we can't thank you enough.

The feedback from everyone, both children and parents alike, was extremely positive and I imagine we'll be seeing you again at more parties throughout the year!  

I've already passed on your email address to one of the mums whose daughter wants to do it all again for her upcoming birthday  … high praise indeed!

Thanks again for everything, you made a heap of kids very happy.  

See you in the holidays.

Until then, take care

Jane, Mick and Chloe 

Jane McDermott

Hi Mike

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your help with Oliver's party on Saturday.
It was a huge success and all the kids loved it. I have over heard Oliver telling Sam many times that it was the best birthday party ever.

Thanks so much and sorry I didn't get to say so on the day - it was busy with 34 kids - you made it look easy

Jacqueline & Terry Gray

Hi Mike
Just wanted to send thru an e-mail to say thanks, again for a fantastic experience with Kidz in Sport.
My sons Lachlan and Aiden just finished 3 days with you and I I really feel that they have received the best possible value for money. 

The coaching is top notch - encouraging, fun, hands on and memorable; they are still talking about Mat and Sean!
Thanks so much again for providing an excellent program for my kids. We are very happy. 
Looking forward to seeing you next school holidays. 


Christine and Stacey Burke

Christine and Stacey Burke

Hi again Sarah,

I mentioned to Scott as we were leaving this afternoon how great both you and Scott are, at what you do.

You both always look like you really enjoy what you do and have a lot of fun.


A few of the parents commented that they didn’t know who was having more fun, Scott or the kids (as we were watching Scott with Steffie’s group catching and throwing the balls at Scott) and how great that was to see.


It was exactly what I was thinking myself!

It seems to me that you were both born to do what you do. Just so you both know, it is appreciated.


Thanks once again Sarah.

Bye for now,



Cronulla Feedback

Hi Sarah and Scott,


On behalf of all the staff at Footsteps we just wanted to thank you both for a fantastic term.

All the children had a great time each week and loved telling us and their families all about what they had done in sport class.

We really appreciate your effort which you put into each class and how much you made the children laugh.

Each Wednesday they ask if Sarah and Scotty are coming.


Hopefully we can book you in again for term 1 2013 and possibly discuss having you go to our other centre at Beverly hills. (we understand if this is to far out of your area and with your busy schedules).


Thanks Again,


Lauren and all the staff at Footsteps.


PS The children are all so proud of their certificates and loved telling all their teachers that Scotty came up to give them out and have a photo!

Footsteps Kindergarten - Sydney

Dear Mike

Wow - Matt is fantastic!! what a fabulous session we had yesterday at College park!
My 2 boys, Logan and Cormack were so engaged and laughed throughout the session at Matt.
They loved learning how to use a bat properly and about the wickets and fantastic ball games!
I was so impressed - we used to do the sessions in the south, with the other Mike who was brilliant too - and I am so so chuffed that we booked again!
thank you so much - please congratulate Matt for a fantastic lesson .
(sorry the lovely lady who was helping him was also awesome, I just didnt catch her name, but she was just as positive and enthusiastic and the boys loved the "high fives" she gave them)
thanks again
great effort!
Donaleen Edminson

Donaleen Edminson

Hi Mike
Just wanted to thank you again. Poppy had a fantastic time at her class this morning and Matt and his team are just wonderful. We are thrilled to be a part of it!
Kind regards


Hi Scott,
I was just jumping on the computer to thank you. You did such a great job today and I have had several of the mums text me this afternoon to say how impressed they were with Kidz’n’Sport.
The text I got from Ethan’s Pre-school teacher (mum of Max) says it all:
“that was one of the best run parties I’ve seen. To keep that many young kids entertained for the whole time is a credit to them. Good Choice guys!”
We can’t speak highly enough of you and Sarah either. Thanks again for a great party.
Cheers, Felicity & Nick x

Felicity and Nick

I have been so impressed with Matt from Kidz 'n sport this term. I have been blown away with Matt's commitment and enthusiasm and his sense of humour and a fabulous range of interesting activities. He learnt the kids names in the first week. He has manged brilliantly with Gary and other students who need more help like David.  

Mrs.Ray - Guildford Grammar Primary

Wow - Matt is fantastic!! what a fabulous session we had yesterday at College Park! My 2 boys, Logan and Carter were so engaged and laughed throughout the session at Matt.
They loved learning how to use a bat properly and about wickets and fantastic ball games !
I was so impressed - we used to do the sessions in the south, with the other Mike who was brilliant too - and I am so chuffed that we booked again!
Thank you so much - please congratulate Matt for a fantastic lesson.

Donaleen Edminson

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for doing such an amazing job on Saturday for Rowan's party.  The kids had a great time and it was lovely seeing them run around and have so much fun.

Rowan certainly did sleep well on Saturday night!

Thanks again



Awesome party Scott.
Lots if great feedback...best party ever. I
I've posted photos on my Facebook page Beverly Goodwin Wiedemann if you want to take a look. I'll burn you a disc for next term :)
From Beverly


A short note to say a heartfelt thanks for your work at our sports day on Friday.
While we were blessed with a beautiful day, your contribution to the success of our carnival was amazing and really appreciated.
Kind regards
Freshwater Bay Primary School

Stephen Ivey - Principal Freshwater bay Primary School

 Just wanted to thank you again for all you’ve done for our kids.    You guys do an absolutely wonderful job (as I suspect I’ve said before) and I wish I could pack you all up and take you back to Qld with us.
Simon Young

Simon Young

April 2014

 To whom it may concern

 We have been using Kidz ‘n Sport – Cronulla, as the service provider of our Term 1 sport program for all students K-6 for the past 2 years.

 We have always found Scott & Sarah Fava (as the principals of this shire-based company) to be approachable, cooperative, organised, highly motivated and reliable.

 The program they provide is run throughout an entire school day, providing an ample number of staff to support small group activities that are both varied and engaging and help to develop all the skills and attitudes towards sports and active lifestyle that you would want for the students. The activities are also appropriate to the students’ level of development.

 I would not hesitate to recommend Kidz ‘n Sport as a sporting option that could be tailored to the needs of your school.

 Yours Faithfully

Andrew Hewitt

Principal – Miranda North Public School

North Miranda Primary School