4 yrs Skill Development

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4 yrs: Skill Development

Term Time, School Holidays and Birthday Parties

Grouped with 4 yr olds

Your child will have a unique experience during this stage because we: 

  • Maintain our commitment to each child’s confidence, advancement and progress as that of the previous stage 
  • Focus on structured progress in a fun and enjoyable environment 
  • Maintain each child’s attention by introducing activities that are progressively more challenging than the 3 year old stage 
  • Introduce tasks that challenge every child’s individual skill level in a non competitive way 
  • Continue to direct our help, support and coaching techniques in a very caring and nurturing environment 
  • Positive and individual attention is key to each child’s advancement 
  • Use our manuals to keep the activities age appropriate for 4 year olds 
  • We understand that passion and commitment is the number one motivator in giving every child outstanding attention and help

Children acquire and develop the following skills during this stage:

Eye tracking  / catching  / throwing  /  movement  /  running  / agility  / jumping  /  balance  /   fine and gross motor skill development  /  kicking and striking balls using slightly more advanced skills than the pervious stage - derived from 8 different sports

Children continue to develop the following life skills:

  • Self Confidence
  • Listening
  • Concentration
  • Behavioural skills
  • Teamwork
  • Persistence
  • Consideration of others
  • Patience and determination

The coaching points of difference of this stage are:

  • Catching - Using smaller balls as the children progress
  • Hitting and kicking balls – Move targets further back
  • We start doing activities that have sequential tasks e.g. run over the ladder before doing a throw into the net
  • Some tasks are set as fun challenges challenges to try and beat the coach
  • Some tasks have a time limit so children start getting used to the concept of skill vs speed
  • Coaches are alert in making sure that children who are not achieving success at this level are given extra help and attention

Coaches are committed to ensuring that by the end of this stage all children are ready for the Multi Sport Skills stage (unless the child has not been attending Kidz ‘n sport for long enough)

We also welcome children to continue with this stage if they are not ready for the Multi Sport Skills stage
Maximum of 6 - 8 children per coach

Kidz 'n Sport is the best gift you can give your child

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