7 or 8 yrs Multi Sport Skills or Specialist Sports

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7 or 8 yrs: Multi Sport Skills or Specialist Sports

Term Time, School Holidays and Birthday Parties

Grouped with 7 or 8 yr olds

Our expertise and experience is directed at coaching the children to:

  • Complete activities in a set time frame - using real time sports activities 
  • Become more confident within their own ability range 
  • Consider others when we doing group activities
  • Understand that technique affects the result of all sport
  • Think about the process of an activity to be done
  • Understand how health and fitness is important in sport
  • Understand how to deal with both winning and losing
  • How to abide by rules and procedures
  • Test their skills learnt in actual sporting situations
  • Complete sequential tasks
  • Attempt to beat the coach rather than against peers

Multi Sport Skills

This Programme covers the skills of 8 different sports used to advance the following skills:

  • Eye tracking – using smaller balls and working in pairs and teams
  • Catching – with various degrees of difficulty and whilst moving
  • Throwing – sometimes whilst off balance
  • Movement and agility  – coaching of running technique becomes important at this stage as it affects the future involvement of each child’s participation in sport
  • Jumping – used in many of our activities but specifically Netball, Basketball, AFL and Movement
  • Balance – activities using our balance beams have a greater degree of difficulty
  • Fine and gross motor skill development becomes more advanced as the children have a greater experience in using our unique gross motor mats 
  • Kicking and striking balls in real game time situations involving 8 different sport 

Actual activities and sports covered are:

Summer Months: Catching / Throwing / Eye tracking / Running / Agility / Cricket / Teeball / Soccer / Basketball

Winter Months: Catching / Throwing / Eye Tracking / Running / Agility / AFL / Soccer / Netball / Minkey or Mini hockey

Specialist Sports

Children choose one sport from the following - Cricket, Soccer, AFL or Mini Hockey and coaching is centred on developing the following skills:

  • Completing sport specific skills in real game situations 
  • Technical skills of each sport
  • Learning about strategies and actual game play 
  • Positional play 
  • Rules and how they are applied 
  • Teamwork and how it helps the result 
  • Umpiring/refereeing decisions 
  • Values of each sport 

Summer: Cricket and Soccer 

Winter: AFL, Junior Hockey (Minkey), Soccer, Rugby 

Our advice at this stage 

  • It is at this level where children start to enjoy some specific sporting skills and activities more than others
  • This is where our experience counts as we are now able to identify and advise parents on what step to take next – what sport or activity your child is most likely to enjoy

 Kidz 'n Sport is the best gift you can give your child!

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