6 yrs Multi Sport Skills or Specialist Sports

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6 yrs: Multi Sport Skills or Specialist Sports

Term Time, School Holidays and Birthday Parties

Grouped with 6 yr olds
Our coaching techniques are aimed at catering for a growth in maturity, self confidence and skill level.

    Children start to learn to work in pairs and in teams e.g. passing and catching with each other
    Games that are basic and structured are introduced
    Coaches help develop the chore elements that makes working in a team effective eg running in to spaces to receive a pass, anticipating the next move, planning the next stage in the game etc.
    Learning to communicate with each other during an activity
    Helping others during a game or activity
    Learning and understanding the basic rules of an activity/sport
    Coaches are alert to helping children develop and maintain self confidence
    Max of 8-10 children per group

This Programme covers the skills of 8 different sports used to advance the following skills:

    Eye tracking – using smaller balls and working in pairs and teams
    Catching – with various degrees of difficulty and whilst moving
    Throwing – sometimes whilst off balance
    Movement and agility  – coaching of running technique becomes important at this stage as it affects the future involvement of each child’s participation in sport
    Jumping – used in many of our activities but specifically Netball, Basketball, AFL and Movement
    Balance – activities using our balance beams have a greater degree of difficulty
    Fine and gross motor skill development becomes more advanced as the children have a greater experience in using use our unique gross motor skills matts
    Kicking and striking balls in real game time situations involving 8 different sports

Actual activities and sports covered are:

Summer Months: Catching / Throwing / Eye tracking / Running / Agility / Cricket / Teeball / Basketball and Soccer

Winter Months: Catching / Throwing / Eye Tracking / Running / Agility  / AFL / Soccer / Netball / Minkey or Mini Hockey
Specialist Sports

Children choose one sport from the following - Cricket, Soccer, AFL or Mini Hockey and coaching is centred on developing the following skills:

    Completing sport specific skills in real game situations
    Technical skills of each sport
    Learning about strategies and actual game play
    Positional play
    Rules and how they are applied
    Teamwork and how it helps the result
    Umpiring/refereeing decisions
    Values of each sport

Summer: Cricket and Soccer

Winter: AFL, Junior Hockey (Minkey), Soccer, Rugby

Specalist programme avaliabilty depends on franchise area. Click 'enrol now' to see the schedule  

We pay special attention to those that progress slower than their peers.
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