School Physical Education

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We provide weekly physical education sessions at your school

  • We focus on developing the skills and fitness of each child
  • Run from Kindy to year 3 (4 years to 8 years old)
  • We can Include a fitness test on every child aged 6-8 years old with tabulated results and an individualised report
  • We coach the basic gross motor skills to the younger children, through to more advanced and complex skills to the older children
  • Lessons are planned and run according to our manuals
  • Coaches are highly skilled at keeping bigger groups engaged and listening.
  • Great for exercise and fitness as well as improving essential skills
  • Great for teacher development as they are involved
  • We can do specific sports as well
  • Divided into summer and winter sports and activities as follows 

Summer:  Catching / Throwing / Movement and agility / Balance / Gross and fine motor skill development and also the skills from:

Cricket / Teeball / Soccer / Basketball

Winter:  Catching / Throwing/ Movement and agility / Gross and fine motor skill development and also the skills:

Soccer / AFL / Netball / Mini Hockey 

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